Mrs Loud and Mrs Quiet

Stories from the humour and pathos of the mediator’s life (incl. Blackbird Diplomacy, Tale of Two Dogs, Zoe the Wrestler) or from my own life (Sticks and Stutters, Last Sunrise, Resistance). “Takeaway” is a different take on the child grooming situation, where two teenagers bring about the downfall of a grooming gang. “Aftermath” is a deeply moving account of a father who tries, after his own death, to make amends to his sons for the break-up of his marriage.

“Sexual noises” from next door are what disturbs Mrs Quiet’s peaceful lifestyle. This and many other annoying little habits make up the fascinating agenda of George the mediator, as he strives to bring peace among feuding neighbours.

Also among this colourful collection of stories you will find teachers helping disabled Stuey to abseil in the Lake District, the mysterious disappearance of the rhubarb pie, Danny finding that cooking his first chocolate cake is not all that it seems, and a nod in the direction of Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens.

“Takeaway” references the child grooming scandal in Rochdale and elsewhere. The sad death of his beloved wife drives Simon into a dramatic course of action that both angers and delights his family (Last Sunrise), while Zoe the girl that knows what she wants but can’t get it from her school or parents, sheds a bizarre light on the present school system. (Zoe the Wrestler)

John Edward Ling, based in Manchester, brings his experience of mediation, special needs teaching, and lots of love and laughter, into this unusual collection of short stories.


Mrs Loud & Mrs Quiet

Written by John Edward Ling.

2020 Orton Publishers.

Orton Publishing Co.

Pub 2020

£7.99 – Amazon

Short stories 259 pages.

ISBN: 979-8-67747-585-6.

The Paper Aeroplane Man

“I could smell them and hear them long before I could see them. Soon the grove was filled with movement. They came on me from all sides at a rush, as if they had planned to ambush me. But I was not afraid. Far from it. I was filled with joy…”

This diverse collection of sixteen short stories includes murder and mystery, humour and hallucination, poignancy and plotting, fantasy and fun. The characters are varied and compelling and each story leaves you with a thought-provoking ending…

The Paper Aeroplane Man
Written by John Edward Ling.
26/07/2018 – £6.99 – Paperback.
ISBN: 978-1-78830-185-5.
Category: Short Stories / Humour
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