I am a keen observer of people and anybody who knows me is liable to turn up in one of my books.

My experience working with special needs children led to the publishing of the first two books of social stories’  2006. Then ‘Social Stories for Kids in Conflict”   2010. Also,  2010  ‘Alice the Healer‘, a book of biographical poems. Later came the short stories, some of which came from my work as a mediator. ‘The Paper Aeroplane Man’   2018, a book of short stories in a variety of genres.   2020 ‘Mrs Loud and Mrs Quiet’, partly based on my life as  a mediator

John Edward Ling is a former children’s librarian, then a teacher of deaf children, and later, autistic children. Now he is a mediator for special needs families and lives in Manchester. Contact author for book talks.

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“Social Stories for Kids in Conflict, 2nd Edition. Is not intended to be a statement of theory or an instrument of research – it is a practical resource intended for the person who needs it. It is ideal for the special needs’ teacher, the class teacher, the support assistant and for the parent of a child who needs the benefit of a social story approach. It shows the adult who works with the child what to do in difficult situations during the school day. The approach of social stories also works in the home context, so some parents would find the book helpful. This book provides the adult with the concepts and scripts to use directly with the child.”

Pete Forde

Educational psychologist

I Can’t Do That! This book continues to be a very helpful resource for parents and professionals working with children with a range of social communication difficulties. Particularly useful, besides the examples of social stories provided, are the additional features, including how to use them, how to write your own and the further reading lists. An excellent book for any setting, the stories are practical and achievable, the language is down to earth and believable, and the subjects include those that we are often embarrassed to deal with. A must-have for the SEN practitioner.”

Sarah Worth

Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, Cheshire Autism Support and Development Team