John Edward Ling

Formerly a children’s librarian, and then a teacher of deaf children. Until July 2010 a teacher in the Autism Outreach Service in Kirklees. Now based in Manchester, works in mediation and conflict resolution.


John Edward Ling is an author, with a background in education, special needs, and mediation.

I have always been a writer and became a published author in 2006 with my first book ‘I Can’t Do That’, which was based on the social needs of Autistic children. This book is made up of 80 social stories to help children to modify their behaviour. I then went on to write another book of social stories, two books of short stories and a book of poems.

Social Stories for Kids in Conflict

A practical guide to help young people improve their behaviour.

I can’t do that! by John Ling

Written for special needs children to help families and teachers.

Published books

My fiction mainly features real gritty northern characters who have crossed my path, some through the medium of mediation, and made me laugh or cry. I have a wicked sense of humour, that is hard to keep under control.

“I Can’t Do That!”

In 2006 I published a book of social stories called “I Can’t Do That!” (Lucky Duck).

“The Paper Aeroplane Man”

” (Olympia)  A book of short stories in a variety of genres.



“Social Stories for Kids in Conflict” & “Alice the Healer”

In 2010, two books were published called “Social Stories for Kids in Conflict” (Speechmark), and a book of biographical poems called “Alice the Healer” ).

“Mrs Loud and Mrs Quiet”

2020  (Orton) is my latest book  Partly based on my work as a mediator.


Social Stories For Kids In Conflict, By John Edward Ling.

“This is a fantastic, hands-on guide for all people living or working with young people who are in conflict, and particularly relevant to young people who are on the autistic spectrum. The introductions are clear and provide valuable context. The examples, which are simply but well-illustrated, provide extremely helpful guides to tackling some of the difficult issues that all kids in conflict face. I can see my staff using this to further support our students, whether they are in conflict or not. This will definitely be a must-have book for my school”.

Geoff Brookes, Headmaster, Breckenbrough School.

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